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Professional Street Sweeping Service

B & J Sweeping & Sons, Inc. is known for reliable street sweeping service for any property. Between forces of nature (leaves, branches, and many more) and accident debris, well-traveled roads clog with junk fast. Be safe and clear it off quickly with the help of our experts and state-of-the-art technology.


Contact us to schedule your street sweeping service appointment. Keep your roads presentable all year round. Find out more about our parking lot maintenance and debris cleanup services.

We offer three types of street power sweeping equipment in various sizes:


•  Mechanical power sweepers

•  Regenerative air power sweepers

•  Vacuum filter power street sweepers


These machines can be used individually or in tandem to meet your specific project needs.

Quality equipment for all jobs

Rely on our expert crew

Whether your roads need to be paved or milled, we got you covered! Our fleet of Broom and Vacuum street sweepers, will meet all your sweeping needs. Trust our proven track record of three decades.

•  Vacuum and broom sweepers

•  Road debris cleanup

•  City street work

•  Heavy debris sweeping

Get rid of obstructions

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We offer emergency service.